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Chris Skinner on Ethics in John’s Gospel

My friend Chris Skinner, an expert on literary criticism and the Gospels, has announced on his blog Crux Sola a new series on ethics in the Gospel and Epistles of John. He has begun part 2 on whether there are any ethics in John’s Gospel at all, noting how it is often unfairly compared to Matthew’s Gospel or Paul’s letters. I taught a course on different theological perspectives on the problem of evil last semester and took the perspective that John had a more sectarian worldview, sharply distinguishing believers from the “world” and urging love for each other while not mentioning the command in the Sermon on the Mount or Plains to love your enemy, and noting that John’s contribution is balanced by different voices in the New Testament. Thus, I am looking forward to Skinner’s post highlighting how John’s ethics have been overlooked and I will add links to his subsequent posts (see part 3).

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