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Patristic Testimony that Luke Used Mark’s Gospel?

At the blog Hypotyposeis, Andrew Criddle looks at an odd passage in Hippolytus’s Refutations of all Heresies 7.18 on how Paul “the Apostle” and Mark “the stump-fingered” refute the doctrines advanced by Marcion. Marcion taught that the loving heavenly Father of Jesus was distinct from the Creator God of the Jewish Scriptures and most of the Church Fathers associate Marcion’s “Gospel” with some form of the text of Luke. I deal with the text in my book The Gospel on the Margins: The Reception of Mark in the Second Century, but I followed C. Clifton Black in dismissing Hippolytus’s statement as confused and focused on what the nickname “stump-fingered” implies about the reception of the evangelist Mark and his Gospel among Roman Christians. Anyways, Criddle offers another theory that it constitutes external evidence that Luke’s main sources were Paul and Mark’s Gospel.

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