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Jonathan Bernier on the Socio-economic Status of Zebedee

I plan to continue this tour through the range of suggestions about the identity of the beloved disciple, but I came across a blog post that may be quite relevant to the traditional authorship of the Gospel. In Pierson Parker’s list of objections against the authorship of John, the son of Zebedee, he points out that it is impractical that a Galilean fisherman could have written this Greek text (cf. Acts 4:13) or had a close relationship with the Jewish high priest (cf. John 18:15-16). Yet Jonathan Bernier has a blog post entitled “Zebedean Economics” that challenges these assumptions and is worth consideration. I still lean towards seeing these points as evidence against the authorship of the Galilean Apostle John, but I will have to compare this post to K. C. Hanson’s assessment of “The Galilean Fishing Economy and the Jesus Tradition.”

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