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CSBS Review

I just got back  home from the Canadian Society of Biblical Studies conference at the University of Calgary. I was too tired to stay the final day, so unfortunately I was not able to catch the session on Marcion’s Gospel though I got the chance to chat with Daniel Smith about his paper on it. I thought my paper on how the epilogue of John’s Gospel was added as an authenticating device was well received and I really enjoyed the other papers in my Gospels’ section (i.e. child actors in Jesus movies, whether Mark represents Jesus as having scribal competence, a comparison of Matthew and Luke’s hypothetical use of Q with how other ancient writers used a source, the term “companion” and the bridal chamber imagery in the Gospel of Philip, and the translation of Coptic in the Gospel of Thomas). I caught another session on “plan b”, an honest session about the fact that most of us will not get full-time, tenure-track positions in the field and what other employment options there are for PhDs. I listened to Adele Reinhartz critique biblical scholar’s (mis)use of terms like “identity” and “hybridity”, William Arnal’s redescription of magicians as contested and mobile ritual specialists, and Colleen Shantz discuss how Religious Studies scholars can study the category of “religious experience.” Finally, I jumped over to the AAR side of things and listened to Jim Linville discuss the concerns over theodicy and secularism that undergird the worldview presented at one creationist museum. Here is the full 2016 program if you are interested further.

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