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General Survey of the Hebrew Bible

I have completed a general survey of the main contents and narrative running through the Hebrew Bible. Of course, the area of my scholarly expertise is in the Jewish and Christian movements in the early centuries of the Common Era. Thus, I would be grateful for anyone who wants to email me feedback and constructive criticism of what I should add, omit, or edit. These posts are part of an introductory Bible course (both Testaments) that must be completed in one semester (!), so I cannot include too much information to overwhelm the student. Finally, I should note that I had received a huge amount of assistance in lecturing through the Hebrew Bible from my friend and Old Testament scholar Tyler Williams; he was my former OT professor and has taught this Bible course for several years (including one semester where we co-taught it). Although he does not blog anymore, his Codex website remains a very helpful site for biblical studies resources and blog posts.


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