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“Paul Within Judaism” Resources

A good introduction to this approach to reading Paul’s letters, along with a friendly critique from Terence L. Donaldson as a respected advocate of the (older) New Perspective on Paul, can be found in Paul Within Judaism: Restoring the First-Century Context to the Apostle (ed. Mark Nanos and Magnus Zetterholm; Philadelphia: Fortress Press, 2015). Both Mark Nanos and Paula Fredriksen has websites that include many of their publications online that have been instrumental to shaping this approach to Paul. Pamela Eisenbaum has links on her site to how she has popularized this reading of Paul for various media outlets and online sources. Larry Hurtado weighed in with a few blog posts last month on Paul and the Torah here and here. Kurt Willems hosts The Paulcast, an online podcast that is sympathetic to the Radical New Perspective. Please email me if you think of more links to help students understand this reading of Paul.

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