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Bloggers on the Apostolic Father

In the next few posts, we are going to be looking at texts from Clement of Rome, Papias of Hierapolis, and Ignatius of Antioch in pursuing the evidence of Peter’s presence in Rome. Thus, we are moving beyond the New Testament witness into a collection of texts grouped together under the label “Apostolic Fathers.” For an introduction to the Apostolic Fathers, Larry Hurtado has an excellent post describing the contents, translations, and scholarship on these writings. Bart Ehrman, who produced a new translation for the LOEB series (cf. the Bryn Mawr Classical Review of the first volume), has a number of a posts on the Apostolic Fathers if you are a subscriber to his blog (the proceeds go to charity). Note, there is also a Bryn Mawr Classical Review of Michael W. Holmes edition of the Apostolic Fathers. Last year, Jacob J. Prahlow had a multi-post series on the neglected topic on women in the writings of the Apostolic Fathers. Please email me if there are other relatively recent biblioblogger posts on the Apostolic Fathers.

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