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Gospel Synopsis Outline

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I will continually add to and update this post as I work through the Synoptic Gospels, but this outline will take us to the end of Christmas.

Topic Mt Mk Lk
Prologue 1:1 1:1 1:1-4
Genealogy 1:2-17 3:23-38
Zechariah/Elizabeth 1:5-25
The Annunciation 1:26-38
Elizabeth/Mary 1:39-56
His name is John 1:57-80
Circumstances of Jesus’ birth 1:18-25 2:1-7
Shepherds 2:8-20
Baby Jesus at the temple 2:21-39a
Magi from the east 2:1-12
Escape to Egypt 2:13-20
Raised in Nazareth 2:21-23 2:39b-40, 52
12-year-old Jesus 2:41-51
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