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RBL Review of an Edited Volume on 2 Peter

I contributed a chapter on whether or not 2 Peter had any literary contact with the Gospel of Mark (or the Synoptic Gospels more generally) and with the church traditions about Mark in an edited volume on 2 Peter entitled Der zweite Petrusbrief und das Neue Testament (WUNT 397; Mohr Siebeck, 2018). One of the editors summarized the contents of the volume on my blog here, here, and here. Anyways, it has just been reviewed for the Review of Biblical Literature and I will just quote the highlights:

The authors of these essays obviously do not agree with one another in every respect, though all seem to agree that 2 Peter is pseudepigraphical and was written in the second century. Half of the essays explore 2 Peter’s relationship to other early Christian writings and collectively argue for a rather conservative estimate of the literary relationships between 2 Peter and these other writings, finding such relationships only with the Gospel of Matthew and the letters of Paul… The remaining essays mainly discuss prominent issues in the interpretation of 2 Peter: the value of 2 Peter and its compatibility with the rest of the New Testament, the text and style of 2 Peter, and its use of biblical traditions…Taken together, these essays reflect and advance current scholarly discussion of 2 Peter very well. Many of the authors have also made other substantial contributions to recent literature on 2 Peter. All serious students of 2 Peter will want to consult this essay collection.

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