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Personal Update

I am currently working from home (e.g., grading, course preparation, research and writing, supervision, online meetings, etc.) and teaching my two units “Jesus and the Gospels” and “Paul and Corinthian Christianity” online. In the next semester beginning in July 27, I will be teaching “The Early New Testament Church” (i.e. Acts to Revelation), “The Fourth Gospel,” and “Christianity in History to 1550.” If you are interesting in enrolling for a course of study or even auditing a unit while you are at home, you can participate in online classes and access all of the materials on our website from anywhere in the world. Check out https://www.vose.edu.au/ for more information!

I had multiple papers on Cerinthus and Carpocrates accepted for the international SBL conference in Adelaide, which is fitting because Irenaeus of Lyon links their “heretical” teachings together in Against Heresies 1.25.1-26.1 and many heresiologists followed him on this. Of course, this conference has been rightly cancelled while we try to be better neighbours and follow the rules about social distancing. I hope to have an article about Cerinthus’s views about the millennium (cf. Eusebius, Ecclesiastical History 3.28.2; 7.25.3) for an online dictionary on apocalypticism coming out in the future and I have another article on the reception history of the Carpocratians under peer-review. I did have a paper accepted for the SBL conference in Boston in November, but I am content to wait until SBL makes the decision about whether or not that will go ahead.

Finally, some of you may have seen my article “The Patristic Traditions about the Evangelist Matthew” at The Bible and Interpretation web-journal. I also have a forthcoming article “Renaming the Toll Collector in Matthew 9:9: A Review of the Options” for the  Journal of Gospels and Acts ResearchMy (long-term?) goal is to write another article about when the third canonical Gospel was attributed to Luke and then, perhaps, a popular-level book on the church traditions about all four Gospels. In the end, this season has taught me that the future is not in my hands, so all I can do is entrust these plans to God and learn to be fully present in the day-to-day and support the wider community during this time.

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