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The Classes I am Teaching in Semester 1 2023

After having a teaching sabbatical for a semester to work on writing projects, I am back to teaching this year with four units. The first one is my introductory class “Jesus and the Gospels,” which surveys the history leading up to the lifetime of Jesus, the New Testament Gospel narratives about Jesus, and the introductory information about the four Gospels (e.g, authorship, date, audience, themes). The second one is called “Pauline theology and Romans,” which examines the key debates about Paul’s life and theology and exegetically examines the first eight chapters of the epistle to the Romans. I will be teaching Koine Greek, the language of the New Testament, at different levels for my other two classes. I also may be doing some supervision for our research methods class and for a few PhD students. Thus, my posting on the blog may be more sporadic over the next months.

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