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A Christian philosopher named Justin, surnamed the “martyr” because he was executed for his faith around 165 CE, was trying to figure out what type of literature he was reading when he was perusing the Gospel accounts about Jesus. He often refers to the Gospels as the Memoirs of the Apostles. He may have labelled the Gospels as the memoirs because he believed that they were rooted in the memories of the earliest disciples of Jesus, had close parallels with other literary memoirs of famous philosophers, or were similar to other memorial writings more broadly. As my research interests are mainly focused on the origins of the Gospels and their reception during the Patristic period, I have entitled this blog “The Jesus Memoirs.” This blog will also post on my academic work on the New Testament and Christian origins. I have not enabled comments because I do not want to spend time policing the comment sections, but thank you for reading what I post here.

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