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A Christian philosopher named Justin, surnamed the “martyr” because he was executed for his faith around 165 CE, was trying to figure out what type of literature he was reading when he was perusing the Gospel accounts about Jesus. He often refers to the Gospels as the Memoirs of the Apostles, either meaning that they are rooted in the memories of the disciples of Jesus or that they are similar to literary Memoirs about famous philosophers. As a scholar of early Christianity, my interests are primarily in the composition of the New Testament Gospels and the later traditions about them. This is the reason for the title of this blog as “The Jesus Memoirs.” This blog will also explore other ancient Jewish and Christians texts, both inside and outside of the Bible.

You may have noticed that the posts do not permit comments. I find it can be pretty time-consuming policing the comments section for the rare comment that might veer off-topic, attack individual commenters, or express prejudice against groups of people. However, I enjoy the social interaction of blogging and the opportunity to hear your feedback, so here is what you can do if you want to comment on a post. If you want to offer constructive feedback on a post, ask me to highlight one of your recent publications or blog posts, or even write your own guest post on this blog, I would be happy if you email me at mike_kok@hotmail.com and I can post your contributions. Thank you for reading the blog.

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