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Bibliography on the Patristic Reception of the Gospels

I am compiling a bibliography on the Patristic reception of the Gospels. Please let me know what other monographs or articles should be added to this list. I also have bibliographies on particular Patristic figures such as Papias of Hierapolis, Justin Martyr, or Clement of Alexandria (on the so-called Secret Gospel of Mark) and their influence on the reception of the Gospels.

The Reception of the Canonical Four Gospels

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Classes in 2021

I have just finished teaching for the semester, so I am just in the final stretch of marking before the summer break. However, I am looking forward to teaching the introductory unit “Jesus and the Gospels”, the advanced exegetical unit “General Epistles” (focusing on 1 Peter and 1 John), and New Testament Greek in semester 1. I will also run a few tutorials on biblical hermeneutics and am available to supervise graduate research projects. In semester 2, I will be teaching the introductory unit “Early New Testament Church” (i.e. Acts to Revelation), the advanced exegetical unit “Epistle to the Hebrews,” a seminar unit on “New Testament Christology,” and the second half of “New Testament Greek.” However, hopefully I will be able to complete some writing between now and the next semester and will see some of you at the online Society of Biblical Literature meeting.